Journal / Lit Mag Publications

in Diagram: We Went Through the Purification

in Dream Pop Press: Three erasure poems from IT

in Heavy Feather Review: Three Erasures

in (on?) Drunk Monkeys: Three Anne Rice erasure poems

in Calamus Journal (now defunct): “guided meditation: a drop of water at the bottom of the well”

@ Public Pool: Some CUJO glitter erasures

in the Five 2 One Sideshow: “Bernie” and “Weird Orange Skin Discolorations”

in Calamus Journal (now defunct): Five Cujo Glitt-erasures

in The Fem: Steven’s Shit 

via Nostrovia! Press: But You Haven’t

in Fog Machine: Three Hemingway Erasures

in One Sentence Poems: “M.O.”

in Rivet: “Notes to the Last and Second to Last Lover”

in Window Cat: “Octopus Mediation” and “Poppyseeds in Bucharest”

in Axolotl: Five Erasures based on Donald Trump’s Book, Think like a Billionaire

in Queen Mob’s Teahouse: “Roasting Meat in the Woods”

in Sonic Boom: “The Migraine in my Butt” in Issue Four

in Yellow Chair Review: “I Will Save Them Both” in The Pop Culture Issue

in Requited: 
“We Were So On” (2015)
“Games We Play” (2015)

in Amethyst Arsenic: “Underground” (2015)

in DIAGRAM: “Materials You Can Shred”  (2015)

in Five 2 One’s Online Sideshow: “Advanced Conversational French”

in Permafrost: Impermanence is the Only Thing that Works in Fahrenheit Around Here” (2015)

in Pioneertown Lit: “Western Diseases” (2015)

in tNY Press’s Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature: 
“Lesson Plan Software Review” (2015)
“Fin” (2015)
“Letters to Mr. Help” (2015)
“Kids from a Bottle” (2015)
Epilogue (2015)

in Shampoo Poetry:
“Two Poems about Outdoor Dining” (2015)
Untitled (2006)

in Cell Poems:
“Vegetarian Sushi” (2012)

Self-published Fredward Bound, a full-length New Translation of Twilight, written with Greg Petrovic.

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