July, 2017: Poem up @ Calamus Journal!

June, 2017: More Cujo poems up at Sea Foam!

Feb, 2017: “About our Seed”up at Umbel & Panicle!

Jan, 2017: Cujo glitter poems up at Public Pool!

Nov, 2016:  New publications of some of my Cujoetry (Stephen King found poems)! Here are some at Five 2 One’s Sideshow and here are some in Calamus Journal’s inaugural issue!

Oct, 2016: I participated in (slash co-ran) a month-long found poetry project where each poet takes one of Stephen King’s 56 novels and writes/posts a found poem per day. Here’s the main project site.

Sept, 2016: P.D. Atkins published a review of Poems for Ivan at Queen Mob’s Tea House! 

August,  2016:

July 23, 2016— Reading at the IRPC in Portland at 7:30 with Ginger Ko, Lindsey Tigue, and Sara June Woods!  Check out the event page here!

July, 2016– My micro-chapbook, WE ALL HAVE TO KEEP OUR HEADS is officially available from Ghost City Press. It can be downloaded for FREE (or you can pay what you want). Pre-orders available now! Be sure to check out all the other great micro-chaps too. They’re released every weekend this summer through Ghost City Press


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