Print Publications


Poems for Ivan (June, 2016) from Porkbelly Press

poems for ivan cover.jpg

Poems for Ivan is a journey through the language, mausoleums, and barbed-wire-lined tracks against the backdrop Ukraine, via trains and walking and food. Ivan is the guide at first, it seems, but that isn’t all. The more beer consumed, the deeper the journey goes. With roasted meat and sharp sticks, through intimate conversation, packs of dogs and lights in the distance, Adams keeps you walking with her narrator and Ivan, racing through this cluster of poems and re-reading—you’ll likely devour it in one sitting as we did, just to find out how it ends, go back for more and share it. If it ends, that is—look for more of her work; you will not be disappointed. (Porkbelly Press, 2016)


Western Diseases (Summer 2016) from dancing girl press


Warning: this book will disrupt your brain waves. From the wildly clever “Breast Nuggets” to the title poem, Sara Adams’ Western Diseases is a blend of found, experimental and Oulipo constraint poems that will rearrange your perceptions. Infinitely long straws, the largest parrot in the world, a mysterious red wig, “global warming and taxidermy”, nothing is impossible within these pages and each poem is delight.

— Janeen Pergrin Rastall, editor at ELJ Publications and author of In the Yellowed House, Objects May Appear Closer and co-author of Heart Radicals.

Co-written novel:

A Cathedral in a Mason Jar: The Untold Story of Elvis Presley. tNY Press, 2016. Available on Amazon and also here. Written with Elise van der Linde, Victoria Manifold, Topaz Winters, Evan Burton, LM Alder, Laura Yan, Jeremy Blachman, Madeline Gobbo, Scherezade Siobhan, Chris Deliso, Miles Klee, Michael Magnes, and Chelsea Fonden.


Literary Magazine Print Publications:


Heavy Feather Review, vol. 6 (2017)

“Head Librarian” & “His Heart was Shit”

New Orleans Review Issue 42: Shakespeare (2016)

“Go Mourn for That”

Straight Forward Poetry (2015; Can be purchased here)
“Shut up, Trevor”& “Breast Nuggets”

and/or (2014; available in B&W and color
“Get Some” & “We Need Each Other”

The Redlands Review (2007 and 2008)
Several poems


“Collaboration and Surrender”– joint collaborative poetry chapbook with Corbyn Berryman

“In the Kitchen”– mini-stage play that was performed at the University of Redlands

+ Several publications in small underground lit mags, including the one I ran called Giraffe. Others include It’s Risky Doing It, Tiny Baby, Viceroy, Line Zero, The Barbarian



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